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auditing competence

ISO Auditing Practices Group Updates Guidance on Auditing Competence

The ISO 9001 Auditing Practices Group (APG), an informal group of quality management system experts, auditors, and practitioners drawn from the International Accreditation Forum (IAF)...
remote auditing

IAF-ILAC-ISO Survey Shows Strong Support for Remote/Blended Audits

A joint IAF-ILAC-ISO survey of more than 4,000 participants reveals that a large majority of respondents prefer remote or blended audits, assessments, and evaluations,...
auditable requirements

Auditable Requirements: Determining What to Audit

By Craig Cochran Auditable requirements and objective evidence form the foundation of every audit. Indeed, one cannot function effectively as an auditor without a full...
audit evidence

Gathering Audit Evidence: Techniques for Success

By Craig Cochran Gathering audit evidence involves a mix of techniques that are used interchangeably: visual observation, examination of records, and employee interviews. One moment...
auditor apprentice

First Auditor Apprentice Hired for IAAR Management System Auditor Apprenticeship Program

The Independent Association of Accredited Registrars (IAAR) has announced a major benchmark in its IAAR auditor apprentice program for management system auditors. IAAR member...
objective evidence

Objective Evidence: An Auditor’s Secret Weapon

By Craig Cochran Objective evidence is the proof that the organization did or did not meet its requirements. One of the primary objectives of an...

Successful Audits Start with Well-Planned Opening Meetings

by Craig Cochran Have you ever felt anxious about something that was about to happen? Imagine if the “thing” was called an audit. Your anxiety...
selecting and training internal auditors

Selecting and Training Internal Auditors

by Craig Cochran  Selecting and training internal auditors will have significant impact on the success of your audit program. After all, these people are the living...
writing nonconformities

Writing Nonconformities

by Craig Cochran The term “nonconformity” inspires fear in many people. It shouldn’t. A nonconformity is simply an opportunity for the management system to improve....

Dumb Things Auditors Say

By Craig Cochran Being a third-party auditor is challenging. You walk into somebody else’s company and try to make sense of processes that you may...

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