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selecting and training internal auditors

Selecting and Training Internal Auditors

by Craig Cochran  Selecting and training internal auditors will have significant impact on the success of your audit program. After all, these people are the living...
writing nonconformities

Writing Nonconformities

by Craig Cochran The term “nonconformity” inspires fear in many people. It shouldn’t. A nonconformity is simply an opportunity for the management system to improve....

Dumb Things Auditors Say

By Craig Cochran Being a third-party auditor is challenging. You walk into somebody else’s company and try to make sense of processes that you may...

The Seven Most Important ISO 9001:2015 Audit Questions

by Craig Cochran If you’re preparing to start auditing to ISO 9001:2015, you’ve probably already asked yourself the timeless question: “What in the heck am...

How Well Are Your Auditors Calibrated?

By Duke Okes No doubt most folks in quality are familiar with gage R&R studies, more generally part of measurement system analysis in Six Sigma....
supplier audit

How to Support Your Auditor During a Supplier Audit

By Medpoint Maintaining oversight and control of your supply chain is a critical part of your organization's quality management system. Effective and efficient supplier audits can have significant impact on long-term compliance profile and profitability. The quality...

Risk Ranking Audit Nonconformities

By Duke Okes It’s a given that not all audit nonconformities (NCs) are equal. Some indicate system weaknesses that could create life ending outcomes (e.g.,...

Virtual Auditing: A Matter of Context

By Shauna Wilson Since COVID-19, the world of auditing has been turned upside down, especially for auditors and registrars that have been reluctant to accept...

How to Fix an Ailing Internal Quality Audit Program

By Vincent Cafiso Many of us in the quality profession are fully aware of and in most cases participate in our organization’s internal quality audit...

Audit Like a Leader

By Susan Gorveatte Introducing the Softer Side of Audits What do you think about when you hear that an auditor is coming on site to perform...
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