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Baldrige Award Program to Be Revamped, No 2022 Awards

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, which administers the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award, has decided not to run the award program in 2022. According to a bulletin issued by the program, the program has been put on hold pending a review of the program to determine how the program can best advance U.S. competitiveness and address the challenges most relevant in today’s business environment, as well as examine how its impact and accessibility could be increased.

“Over the past year, the leadership teams at Baldrige, NIST, and the Department of Commerce have been discussing the current status of the Baldrige Program and whether it is having the desired impact,” states the bulletin. “After much deliberation and consideration of multiple factors, including participation data over the past several years, we have collectively decided to initiate a comprehensive, independent review of the Baldrige Program.”

Because of the review, the program will not run an award process in 2022.

“We sincerely regret the inconvenience and hardship this might cause award applicants, examiners and judges, the consultant community, ASQ, Alliance programs, and other key program stakeholders,” the bulletin continues. “Applicants will be offered a full refund or the opportunity to be evaluated for feedback only at a reduced fee.  

“As a program and a community, we have been well aware of the challenges we are facing. And as you know, in recent years we have worked collaboratively with our stakeholders to both streamline the evaluation process and increase the value for applicant organizations. Additionally, in December of last year, the Board of Overseers requested that we convene a broad group of Baldrige customers and other stakeholders to review our award process. The group was asked to make recommendations that would lower barriers to entry and encourage greater participation, particularly by organizations in the manufacturing and service sectors. This group has been hard at work, and we look forward to its recommendations for improvement, which are due in June.”

The Baldrige Performance Excellence Program plans to build upon this work and to also take into consideration the recommendations and input of others in the Baldrige community as part of an independent assessment of the Baldrige Program.

The program promises to work closely with stakeholders to get input and share information in the coming days, weeks, and months.    

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