Tuesday, July 23, 2024

UL Becomes the First Foreign-Funded Certification Body Qualified to Issue China Green Product Certification

The Certification and Accreditation Administration of the People’s Republic of China (CNCA), officially approved UL-CCIC Co. Ltd.’s China Green Product Certification (CGP) certification body qualification, making UL-CCIC the first foreign certification body to obtain this qualification.

At present, UL-CCIC China Green Product Certification (CGP) covers three product categories: coatings, wood-based panels, and wood flooring. UL-CCIC will continue to expand its CGP certified product coverage categories to meet the needs of different green product manufacturers.

CGP qualification allows UL-CCIC to provide additional value and services to international and domestic green product manufacturers. With a full understanding of the market access threshold for China’s domestic green products, UL will be instrumental in helping these manufacturers improve product safety, enhance competitiveness, and further expand domestic market potential.

CGP and UL ECOLOGO® are Type-1 eco-labels that evaluate multi-attribute environmental performance criteria based on a product’s lifecycle impact. Enterprises that sell in national and international markets can pursue dual certification to CGP and UL ECOLOGO. UL-CCIC’s CGP certification and UL’s local environment and sustainability service team can help reduce the cost of certification and shorten the certification timeline.

Products earning the UL ECOLOGO certification have been incorporated into one of Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly Certifications and are now featured on Amazon.com. If a green product bearing the UL ECOLOGO Mark is sold in China, UL-CCIC can help that manufacturer pursue CGP dual certification in an efficient and cost-effective way.

As an over 100-year safety science institution, UL is committed to empowering companies to achieve sustainable development, helping them to improve their green profitability, practice sustainability strategies and convert health and sustainability strategies into true market leadership.

For more information about UL ECOLOGO,visit https://www.ul.com/resources/ecologo-certification-program.

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