Monday, July 22, 2024

SAE International Launches SAE OnQue Digital Standards System

AE International announced today the launch of the SAE OnQue™ Digital Standards System, a first-of-its-kind system that delivers SAE’s expansive library of engineering standards digitally. As a trusted resource in engineering standards, SAE digitally delivers its expansive library of knowledge to aerospace engineers through the OnQue Digital Standards System to help simplify the product development process by helping maintain data integrity, reducing process complexity, and digitally connecting standards to the products and processes on which they are based.

“The aerospace industry is rapidly evolving, and engineers are under constant pressure to innovate the products they design and develop safely, quickly and efficiently. The OnQue Digital Standards System was developed with these challenges in mind to enable better standards integration into engineering workflows for product development, product performance and quality management,” stated Frank Menchaca, chief growth officer at SAE International. “As a leading standards development organization with more than 8,000 aerospace and systems management standards published over the past century, SAE continues to partner with the industry to offer solutions that help make engineers jobs easier.”

OnQue Digital Standards Systemis an intelligent solution that revolutionizes the delivery of standards while enhancing their utility. Using the system’s digital interface, aerospace customers are able to:

  • Link and integrate industry standards to product definitions and development tools that support model-based engineering, systems engineering, digital twin and other applications requiring systems integration.
  • Support compliance with change management functionality including immediate notifications when standards have been updated or revised.
  • Rapidly discover relevant or comparable parts and materials, along with the associated SAE standard, based on design constraints through the cloud-based, interoperable engineering data system.

Prior to launching the OnQue Digital Standards System, SAE collaborated with a group of strategic development partners, including aerospace industry leaders. The industry partnerships helped create, refine and implement the solution, utilizing the industrial expertise of each organization to explore how to effectively integrate the system into practical engineering applications.

Added Audra Ziegenfuss, director of new product development & portfolio management at SAE International: “Industry standards house many of the component and process requirements that are critical to all facets of the aerospace industry. As the world shifts to an increased reliance on digital tools, the formatting of digital standards, which have previously been delivered in PDF or EPUB, has now evolved to support digital thread initiatives through the OnQue Digital Standards System in a trusted format that supports data transfer.”

Additionally, SAE partnered with Cognistx, an applied AI company, to process more than 3,000 documents that include specifications for aerospace parts and materials. Cognistx’s work ensures engineers worldwide can easily search documents and quickly access information and tools to apply to their workstreams.

“We are delighted to be the data and AI partners with SAE for the digital standards product,” said Sanjay Chopra, co-founder and CEO of Cognistx. “The partnership allows us to use our AI expertise and apply it to digital standards across industries, specifically as we serve SAE’s aerospace customers.”

To learn more about the SAE OnQue Digital Standards System or to request a product demo, visit:

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