Friday, April 12, 2024

Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium Publishes Safety Management System Guidance for Autonomous Vehicle Development

The Automated Vehicle Safety Consortium™ (AVSC) has announced a new framework for automated driving testing and evaluation. With the launch of the AVSC Information Report for Adapting a Safety Management System (SMS) for Automated Driving System (ADS) SAE Level 4 and 5 Testing and Evaluation, the AVSC is furthering the safe development, testing and evaluation of automated vehicles.

“As automated driving systems advance, there is an increasingly diverse pool of people and resources involved in developing, testing and evaluating them,” said director of the AVSC, Amy Chu. “The safety management system framework outlined in the report provides a consistent structure for managing safe testing operations, including key responsibilities, processes and risk assessments, which can be broadly adopted and commonly used across ADS organizations. Applying frameworks, like SMS, demonstrates the industry’s commitment to safety and is another critical step in engendering public trust and confidence in the testing and deployment of automated vehicles.”

An SMS integrates safety principles, processes, and practices to enhance organizational decisions based on safety risk. This framework is one way to enable an organization to identity, track, and trace potential safety risks at a holistic level by:

  • Promoting continuous learning: An organization can continuously seek and analyze safety information and take action to mitigate potential safety risks in the operation of its ADS testing program.
  • Taking Ownership: An organization can clarify authority, responsibility, and accountability for safety management within its organization for the purposes of its ADS testing operations.
  • Scaling safety management: An organization, regardless of size, can tailor systems, programs and resources to document and track potential safety hazards in its testing operations to resolution.
  • Transferring best practices: An organization can consider how changes within the organization may affect ADS testing operational safety.

“Knowledge sharing plays a vital role in supporting continuous improvement for the ADS industry,” added Chu. “The members of the AVSC developed a new type of publication – an Information Report – to create awareness of sound and effective approaches that support the responsible development and testing of automated vehicle technology.”

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