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IAF-ILAC-ISO Survey Shows Strong Support for Remote/Blended Audits

A joint IAF-ILAC-ISO survey of more than 4,000 participants reveals that a large majority of respondents prefer remote or blended audits, assessments, and evaluations,...

ASQ Government Division Creates Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity

The American Society for Quality's (ASQ) Government Division has created the Center for Electoral Quality and Integrity (CEQI) to serve as a resource for...

SAE International Launches New Aerospace Standards Committee

SAE International announced today the formation of a new aerospace standards committee: G-35 – Modeling, Simulation and Training (MST) for New Emerging Technologies and Concepts....

ISO 9001: More than Doing What You Say and Saying What You Do

by Steven Severt The adage of “do what you say and say what you do” is tossed around so often when talking about ISO 9001 that many...

SAE and ISO Publish Joint Automotive Cybersecurity Standard

SAE International, in collaboration with the International Organization for Standardization (ISO), recently published a new standard to help ensure that cybersecurity is entwined throughout...

ANAB Launches Pilot Accreditation for Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Certification Program

The ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) has launched a new pilot accreditation program for the Purity-IQ Cannabis Authenticity and Purity Certification Program. The program provides the requirements for conformity...

Auditable Requirements: Determining What to Audit

By Craig Cochran Auditable requirements and objective evidence form the foundation of every audit. Indeed, one cannot function effectively as an auditor without a full...

Gathering Audit Evidence: Techniques for Success

By Craig Cochran Gathering audit evidence involves a mix of techniques that are used interchangeably: visual observation, examination of records, and employee interviews. One moment...

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